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Pippa wrote on 16th August 2020 at 4:31 pm:
Someone on Hythe residents Facebook group has posted they have a black leather notebook along canal that looks like belongs to a fishing bailiff... can you spread the word? Ie via Paul Goss

Toby wrote on 11th August 2020 at 8:33 pm:
Not too sure about fishing being taken. Done a few 24hr sessions and had loads of decent sized ones. Biggest 19lb
Loads of low doubles.
The fish last season where long and skinny with parasites all over. This Season the fish seem to be a lot deeper bodied
Definitely put weight on
Paul Hardy wrote on 11th August 2020 at 12:58 pm:
Rejoined after the lockdown, went excitedly to fish overnight at Beachborough, not a single bite in 24hrs. It was very hot, so expected to see a lot on the surface saw 2! Wonder if the place has had a visit and been emptied? First time ive blanked there in 3 years! Has it been bombarded with goundbait? 6 others blanked during the same 24hrs. Earlier thread mentioned using a fish finder to check stock. A good idea if someone got one. Also well done to young toby for jumping in and saving the duck tangled in lost tackle, a credit to the club.
Darren rogers wrote on 3rd August 2020 at 2:23 pm:
Walked along canal cannot belive how overgrown and neglected the section along from the lightrailway to west hythe is hardly any swims at all and most are complety overgrown
Jeremy wrote on 3rd August 2020 at 1:19 am:
Well I had a couple of 10lb carp the other evening, so there are fish in there still.
Mark wrote on 1st August 2020 at 4:16 pm:
Has anyone thought to run a fishfinder across Beachborough?
There are all sorts of theories as to why it isn't fishing well (from predation, theft, water issues etc.) it would surely be a sensible first step to see if the fish are still there?
Whilst I cant see a couple of cormorants eating 15lb carp I don't see how nets would take out all the small fish either - something is odd but knowing if the fish are there would be a bit of certainty we don't currently have
Adam fairclough wrote on 20th July 2020 at 6:43 pm:
Hi guys, i am very keen to fish the stretch from seabrook through to west hythe. I am a carp fisherman and would be targetting the carp in the canal. Is there an area you would recommend on that stretch, im based in Ashford so sont know the stretch particularly well, so wasnt sure on where i can park to make my way onto the stretch. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. To confirm it is buy a ticket on the bank, is that correct

Thanks again
Jeremy wrote on 20th July 2020 at 12:00 pm:
Not sure how much blame to attach to cormorants. It often seems to me that they are deemed to be responsible for poor fishing success.

1lb a day they eat apparently (according to the scare stories in the angling press). So 2 cormorants, assuming they stayed put (which they don't) would eat 700odd lb of fish a year. Seems a lot but I wonder how many lbs a year of fish grow naturally in these lakes.

Anyway, it would be nice to hear some recent success storys for Beechborough, I find it easier to fish when I know that I'm not wasting time.
Richard wrote on 18th July 2020 at 9:46 pm:
Hi Jeremy. I too am struggling on Beechborough this season. I was wondering about the 2 Cormorants, constantly present at both lakes. Could they be a large part of the problem? Especially now a larger part of the main lake are now exposed. After the fantastic work being done to remove the lilles I though the fishing would improve but not for me either😥
Jeremy wrote on 12th July 2020 at 8:59 pm:
How's beechborough fishing this year? I've been a few times and had nothing but a 3lb bream. Is it me or the venue?
MC wrote on 8th July 2020 at 9:19 pm:
has the ban been lifted down at Palmarsh? Signs still up but quite a few angling including the guy near herons gate who lives right opposite.
Canalman wrote on 21st June 2020 at 6:06 pm:
I understand that the Angling Trust have updated their Covid guidelines - and are no longer discouraging the use of keepnets
Jeremy wrote on 16th June 2020 at 6:01 pm:
Just out of interest, does anyone know why keepnets are banned under covid rules? Im not sure they could be an infection hazard. Fair enough if there is another reason. I do find that bream fishing suffers when a keepnet cannot be used.
John Beckett wrote on 6th June 2020 at 4:47 pm:
Hi I was fishing the Canal 3 weeks ago this sunday by Stade St Bridge. Unfortunately got some bad news about my dear Mum and left leaving a green delkim txi on a nd bank stick either bank side or road side. I know its a long shot, but just thought I'd put it out there. If anyone found it or knows anyone who did they can contact me at it would be much appreciated.
Ed wrote on 3rd June 2020 at 7:49 pm:
hi just wondering what the best bait for carp and best deadbait for pike is in the canal thanks
adrian wrote on 2nd June 2020 at 12:14 pm:
Is it ok to fish at the disabled swims at botolph bridge bottom of lymnpe hill as there was people fishing there last night and when i asked them if fishing is allowed they said they had been given permission of paul the balliff yet all signs are still in place stating no fishing
Paul Musgrove wrote on 29th May 2020 at 7:32 pm:
Can you still park in the field respecting farmers wishes between the dam & Aldergate lane, used to be able to but no mention of it in this year's handbook ?
Neil wrote on 24th May 2020 at 12:34 pm:
Welcome the chat open again, any suggestions we will listen to. But stupid comments will be ignored and deleted.
roger wrote on 23rd May 2020 at 8:14 pm:
The guestbook is now open. Please be polite. Thank you.
Canalman wrote on 1st September 2019 at 8:43 am:
Hi Colin. There are no yellow lines as such beside the bridge, but I think you will find that there is sufficient parking space beside the bridge for you
COLIN wrote on 29th August 2019 at 1:40 pm:
Being disabled is it possible to fish the Giggers Green section of the canal? Having a disable parking permit is there any yellow line area that I might use. My thanks in advance.
Ann Usher wrote on 27th August 2019 at 4:51 pm:
The tablet has now been found. Thankyou.
Ann Usher CPAS Secretary wrote on 27th August 2019 at 2:09 pm:
If anybody has found a blue backed tablet at Beachborough yesterday can they please contact me on 01303 891450. It is password protected and will be of no use to anyone other than the owner, one of our Junior members. Many Thanks Ann
Ann Usher wrote on 22nd August 2019 at 11:26 am:
Hi Sophie, I’m afraid we don’t do day passes for Beachborough. You have to be a member or a guest of a member. For this the member has to be with you and it will cost the member £5. As a guest you can’t night fish only dawn til dusk. Hope this helps.
Sophie wrote on 21st August 2019 at 7:55 pm:
Hi, wondering if anyone can help me?
How much is it for a day pass at Beachborough?