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The Cinque Ports Angling Society. Fishing the Royal Military canal at Hythe, Sandgate, Aldergate, Giggers Green, West hythe. Also Beachborough lakes
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Welcome to the Cinque Ports Angling Society

The Hythe Royal Military Canal and Beachborough Lakes


The Cinque Ports Angling Society was 90 years old on January 26th 2013.

Cinque Ports Angling Society was founded in the 1920?s. Originally a sea and course fishing club, it is now totally course fishing. We have the fishing rights to 11 miles of the Royal Military Canal. The first section is 7 miles long from Seabrook to West Hythe. Then there is a 4 mile section from West Hythe to Giggers Green. We also have the fishing rights to two Ponds at Beachborough at Etchinghill, nr Folkestone, Kent.
Please note that we do not have Sawlodge farm anymore.


The Royal Military canal

The Royal Military Canal is a Day Ticket water, apart from the members section from Lypmne Bridge to West Hythe Dam. Fishing permits are available on the bank from the Society Bailiffs. Senior ?5, Concessionary and Juniors ?2.50 for fishing from dawn until dusk.
The section between Seabrook and West Hythe is land locked by a dam. We have an annual stocking programme on this stretch. The Carp are up to 33lbs, Pike to 24lbs with plenty of Tench to 6lb, Bream to 6lb, Perch to 2lb 6oz and Roach of up to 2lb 4oz. There is also a big head of Skimmers, Rudd, Eels, Gudgeon and the odd Trout including a Brown Trout weighing in at 5lbs 3.5oz caught recently.
The 4 mile, West Hythe to Giggers Green stretch of the canal is much wilder and a more secluded section of the canal. This stretch is 8 to 10 feet deep but holds the same species of fish. The Bomb Hole section of the canal at Giggers Green is well known as a Pike ?Hot Spot? a 26lbs Pike has been caught recently. There is also a good head of Roach. The Tench are bigger than average due to the depth of water.

The Royal Military Canal is a Historic Monument and is subject to legal protection under the 1979 Ancient Monuments and Archaeological Areas Act by the process known as scheduling. This makes it a criminal offence to damage a scheduling monument or to carry out works without the specific consent of the Secretary of State.
Therefore all Members and Day Ticket anglers using the canal are reminded not to dig out swims or alter the swims on the canal without prior permission from Cinque Ports Angling Society.



bridgesEastern Section

bridges-eastWestern section


1. Seabrook Outfall
2. Seaview ( foot only )
3. College ( foot only )
4. Cannongate ( foot only )
5. Twiss
6. Ladies Walk ( foot only)
7. Town Stretch
8. Red Lion Square
9. Sainsburys ( foot only )
10. Light Railway
11. Prince of Wales ( foot only )
12. West Hythe
13. West Hythe Dam
14. Aldergate
15. Giggers Green

Beachborough Ponds – Click on the image for directions

SummerhouseHillThe large pond is picturesque, there are lily pads in every swim and is only 3 feet deep. There are Carp up to 20lb and a good head of Tench, Bream, Skimmers, Perch, Roach, Rudd and Eels. There are no Pike in these waters.
The ponds are suitabe for pleasure anglers, all juniors must be accompanied by a senior members at all times.
Beachborough ponds is members only water, although members are allowed 4 guest tickets per year at a cost of £5 per guest, strictly booked and paid for in advance through the secretary.
Access is by key only and there are locked toilet facilities on site.
There is a closed season on the ponds from 14th March to 8.00am on 16th June each year.



Fish Records

Record fish from society waters
Carp36lb 6ozEel 6lb 14ozRudd2lb 2oz
Crucian Carp2lb 9.5ozPerch3lb 8ozTench6lb 4oz
Chub3lb 3ozRainbow Trout4lb 120zPike29lb 7oz
Grass Carp23lbDace8.5ozBrown Trout5lb 3.5oz
Bream6lb 4ozRoach2lb 7.5oz

Exchange tickets

We have exchange tickets that allow us to fish other club’s waters. These are for Maidstone Victory which includes the river Medway from Balming to Teston and Aldington reservoir. You cannot night fish on any of these waters. You have to exchange your CPAS membership card for the exchange ticket at the secretary’s home. Please book by telephone in advance.

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